B.A.S.I.C.S 2014 by Ben Koshatka
(Brothers and Sisters In Christ)
1 It Has to Be Life
2 The Self Life

The Gospels 2014 by RT Nusbaum
1 Do the Gospels Present the Gospel?
2 Birth and Death Emphasized
The True Purpose of the Gospels
4 The Gospels and the Kingdoms

Like a Dove 2014 by Kelly Koshatka
1 Preparation of the Heart

Last ACTS Classes of October – December Semester

The Book of Philippians Part 2

11 Why Exalt Him to Lordship
12 Is Resurrection the Point?
13 Examining the Concept of Glory
14 More Vindication

More Oct-Dec Classes being posted on Bible School Classes including “The Gate to Life 2013″ and “Spirit, Soul and Body 2013″

NCF Sermons

From Outcasts to Mighty Men: Eat This Bread by RT Nusbaum
And You Shall Find Himby RT Nusbaum

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