Major Prophets Ezekiel by Kelly Koshatka
Let the Spirit Transition You

Christ As Life Worship Volume 10

Volume 10


October – December 2013 Semester

The Book of Philippians Part 2 by RT Nusbaum

The Gate to Life by Mallory Patrick

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2013 Hungering Conference Sessions

Session 1 Mallory Patrick
Session 2 Abel Mendoza
Session 3 Ben Koshatka
Session 4 Kelly Koshatka
Session 5 Matt Healy
Session 6 RT Nusbaum
Session 7 Jimmy Collins

God’s Chosen King by Ben Koshatka

Two Aspects of Christ Our Husband Part 1 by RT Nusbaum
Two Aspects of Christ Our Husband Part 2 by RT Nusbaum
Two Aspects of Christ Our Husband Part 3 by RT Nusbaum


New Creation Foundations 2013 by Mallory Patrick
Bible school current semester page

Major Prophets Ezekiel by Kelly Koshatka
In Son Love – Chapter 37 Part B

The Spirit of Resurrection Chapter 37

NCF Sermons

His Love Constrains Us by RT Nusbaum
Compromise and Mixture Not an Option Part 2 by Jim Allan

Distinguishing Life from Religion in Us by Scot Moore

The Long Dry Road by Ben Koshatka

Major Prophets Ezekiel by Kelly Koshatka
The Bones are Talking

New NCF Sermons by
Ben Koshatka

Scot Moore

Jim Allan

RT Nusbaum

Annual Hungering Conference

November 29 – December 1, 2013

ACTS Bible School, Denton, TX

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"Come Unto Me"


 New!! Major Prophet Ezekiel Classes by Kelly Koshatka
Chapter 37 Part 1 “What Is Your Transportation and Destination”
God’s Testimony In Us

New Major Prophets Ezekiel Classes on Audio Kelly Koshtaka

New Romanian Christ As Life Study Book New!! The Cross of Christ in Romanian

Newsletter by Kelly KoshatkaThe Conversion Of Peter

NCF Sermons
Not Knowing After the Fleshby RT Nusbaum
The Five Wise Virgins Part 5 Bathshebaby Scot Moore

ACTS Classes

Old Testament Survey by Mallory Patrick
18 Christ in Psalms, Proverbs, ,Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
19 Christ in Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Nahum and Isaiah
20 Christ in Joel, Zephaniah, Habakkuk and Jeremiah
21 Christ in Obadiah, Lamentations, Daniel and Ezekiel

Book of ACTS by Robert Mayne

10 The Stripped Authority of the Jews
11 What Have You Seen

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